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College Showcase 101

First time coming to one of our College Showcases? Interested in making the most of the experience? Keegan White, Associate Director of Admissions at Lawrence University and an organizer of the Midwest College Showcase, talks in detail about how to make the most of the virtual college fair experience. Topics covered include how to come prepared, what to look for while attending the event, tips for interacting with college representatives, how to follow up, and more!

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Recorded Webinar on Navigating the College Search

Diane Anci, Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid at Kenyon College, leads a panel of admission professionals to help you understand the college search process, including applications, visits, and financial aid. Panelists include: DeVone Eurales, Director of Admission at Knox College, Karen Kristoff, Assistant VP and Dean of Admissions at Colorado College, and Art Rodriquez, VP | Dean of Admission at Carleton College

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Recorded Webinars on Financial Aid

Meg Ryan, Former Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at Allegheny College, and Adriana Rodriguez, Associate Director for Financial Aid Operations at Lake Forest College, offer financial aid information sessions in English and Spanish.

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To download the slideshow decks from the above webinars,

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Taking Advantage of our Career Resources

Below, you can listen to Cassie Hagan, the Director of Professional Development & CIBE at Wabash College, discuss the benefits of using career services early and often.

Recorded Webinars on the Importance of the Liberal Arts

Sonya Malunda, former President of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest, and Mickey McDonald, President of the Great Lakes Colleges Association, each lead panel discussions with faculty members from different disciplines at our small colleges. They share the value of the liberal arts, and how they connect with and support students on our campuses.

Below, you can find some helpful clips that help answer some common questions applicants to our schools may have! You can always watch the full webinar by clicking on the links below.

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Panelists include: Sonya Maria Johnson, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Beloit College, Karl Wirth, Associate Professor of Mineralogy/Petrology/Planetary Geology at Macalester College, and Vicki Baker, Professor of Economics and Management at Albion College.

Click below to hear why our faculty love teaching at small Liberal Arts Colleges, and the benefits of the diversity and exposure to new ideas and people you can find at our schools!

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Panelists include: Sarah Lindley, Arcus Social Justice Professor of Art at Kalamazoo College, Hewlet McFarlane, Professor of Neuroscience at Kenyon College, and Aparna Thomas, Professor of Politics & Women’s Studies at Cornell College.

Click below to hear our faculty talk about the impact and value of a liberal arts education!

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Panelists include: Beth Choate, former Associate Professor of Environmental Science & Sustainability at Allegheny College and Sanjaya Thakur, Associate Professor of Classics at Colorado College.

Click below to hear why our faculty love teaching at small Liberal Arts Colleges, what our faculty think you should know, and a little bit about the differences between small Liberal Arts Colleges and larger state schools!

Recorded Webinar for International Students

Developed specifically for international students, this session will focus on how to approach a virtual college search and offer information about financial aid at Midwest liberal arts colleges. Panelists include: Bryce Benton, Associate Director of Admission & Coordinator of International Admission at Denison University, Jon Lund, Director of International Admissions and former Executive Director, Center for Global Learning & International Admission at Luther College, and Chris Segur, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions & Coordinator of International Recruitment at Allegheny College.

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Frequently Asked Questions




I couldn’t make the MCS event I had planned to attend. How can I learn more?
Scroll up on this page to see recorded Webinars on a wide range of topics from some of our past events!




Which institutions are test optional?


Currently, the vast majority of ACM and GLCA institutions are test optional. Make sure to double check with the campuses you apply to by clicking through their admissions requirements and deadlines webpages, accessible on our “Member Colleges” tab.




Do students who apply without a test score have the same opportunities for merit scholarships as those who provide a score?






Do any ACM and GLCA institutions have direct admit programs?


Yes, Coe, Luther, and St. Olaf Colleges have nursing programs. Lawrence University and St. Olaf College offer direct admission for their music programs and Wabash College offers direct admission for their Center For Innovation Business and Entrepreneurship (CIBE) and Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse Initiative (WDPD).




Are campuses currently open for visits?


Yes, campuses are open for visits. However, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and contact the college you plan to visit in advance as many campuses still require reservations. They also like to know you’re coming!


Do campuses have Summer Programs for high school students?


Yes, many campuses have summer programs for high school students. They range from pre-college programs to athletic camps, music, dance, science, theatre, and more.  You can find information for programs at Beloit CollegeCarleton College, Coe College, Colorado College, Cornell College, Lawrence University, Luther College, Monmouth College (athletic, non-athletic), Ripon College, and St. Olaf College by clicking on their links.








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