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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Which institutions are test optional?
    Currently, the vast majority of ACM and GLCA institutions are test optional. Make sure to double check with the campuses you apply to by clicking through their admissions requirements and deadlines webpages, accessible on our “Member Colleges” tab.


    Do students who apply without a test score have the same opportunities for merit scholarships as those who provide a score?


    Do any ACM and GLCA institutions have direct admit programs?
    Yes, Coe, Luther, and St. Olaf Colleges have nursing programs. Lawrence University and St. Olaf College offer direct admission for their music programs and Wabash College offers direct admission for their Center For Innovation Business and Entrepreneurship (CIBE) and Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse Initiative (WDPD).


    Are campuses currently open for visits?
    While campuses are open for for visits, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and contact the college you plan to visit in advance. Many campuses have limited the number of visits offered per day, or may require masks, social distancing, and vaccinations. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to fluctuate, many campuses’ policies will be resposnive to changing trends in a week to week or month to month context.


    Are campuses offering in-person instruction?
    ACM and GLCA institutions are offering in-person instruction. Certain classes may pivot to hybrid or virtual contexts as needed in response to COVID-19 pandemic changes.


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